Children are each unique in their own way.  As parents, we understand the delicate balance between needing to give your child medication and your child refusing or just not wanting to take the medication.  We strive to offer a kid friendly environment with a kid's corner and family friendly staff.  We offer flavoring and unique compounding alternatives for children. 
At Ulmer Family Pharmacy we want to make the experience positive for children and stress free for parents.  We are happy to offer curb side service to everyone to decrease the stress of having to wake up a sleeping child or bring in a fussy sick child. We are also happy to offer any other assistance to help make your day a little easier.  Don't hesitate to call and ask for assistance, we are here to help and can relate to difficulties of parenting.

We are able to meet your child’s individual needs in a variety of ways:

Flavoring: We have knowledgeable staff and resources to help mask the bitter or unpleasant taste of any pediatric medications 

Some examples are:

Bubble Gum
And many more!!!!

Unique Delivery Systems
-Topical creams/ointments/gels
-Lozenges, lollipops

Unique dietary requirements
-Lactose free
-Sugar free
-Dye free

Other Needs
-Adult medications in child friendly dosage or srength
-Discontinued medications
-Unavailable strengths 

The options are limitless!  Please don't hesitate to contact us at 843-473-4496 or send us an email to so we can assist in all your needs!

Last Updated: 11/18/2016